they want you to take the rolls

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my art style is called “i am strongly influenced by detailed and beautifully coloured art but also very cute cartoony art and i dont know which direction i want to go in”

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Monaco’s Stairs

Monaco, France

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Moi meme: 4/15 movies

Drive:I know a lot of guys who mess around with married women, but you’re the only one I know who robs a place to pay back the husband.”

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Eddie Redmayne in M Magazine (Fall 2014)
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Track Title: Whale

Artist: Yellow Ostrich

Album: The Mistress


Yellow Ostrich - Whale

I’ve been swimming for a thousand years and
I’ve seen more than you can realise -
but I accept that you will never understand,
so I will gladly take your hand.

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these 20 songs have followed me everywhere and they have helped me through homework, writing and relaxing. mostly instrumental beautiful songs but some with light song. [listen]

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are those feelings get them away from me

Tizz|| ✓ || X
Tizz||  || X
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duomo di firenze, florence

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vines are literally better than 77% of hollywood movies

Cinematic magic

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the raven cycle ; instrumental fanmixes

gansey - ronan - adam - noah - blue

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Finally had some time to take pics of our plant project.

Succulent + Cacti, lovingly arranged by hand and accented with Italian sea glass + terra cotta from the Amalfi Coast.

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